When a girl really likes a boy he would be her Henry

The boy may not feel the same about the girl or he may not even know the girl likes him

Often your Henry is someone you have liked for a while now and you have probably already gotten off with them
Girl 1: Omg my Henry has left me on read for 3 minutes

Girl 2: Well my Henry has left me on delivered for 3 months

Girl 3: Oh we need to find you guys new Henry’s. I’m meeting mine tomorrow for food!!!
by Ohaye December 3, 2019
Person 1: is that Henry
Person2: no gay
by Poopyfacebutt January 18, 2019
n. Slang. One eighth ounce of weed. Derived from Henry the Eighth.
I bought a Henry, now it's time to party!
by callinghome November 2, 2004
the most gorgeous, amazing, damn right perfect person to touch this planet.
he's the best boyfriend anyone could ever have and he is all mine mine mine.

he pokes his tounge out when he's concentrating and breathes really loudly when he sleeps.
he gets food all over his face, and likes big sandwhiches.
he tickles me and watches me squirm.

i love him :)
wow that henry kid is pretty kewl
by nimsaj ;) January 20, 2009
Henry is a cutie. The cutest cutie of them all. Someone super sweet and loving. He’s so smart. He likes books but hates reading so he’ll always use audiobooks to read what he wants. Read up on some HP Lovecraft when you’re with him. He loves animals, specifically dogs. He loves the rain, & you do too, because it’s serene & calming, almost like him. His smile brightens up a room, & he always knows how to get you laughing. You can always talk to him. About anything. Tell him a problem & he will make sure you know that you are loved & wanted and appreciated, & that you’re special to him & always will be. He loves to know and will always strive to make sure you do feel loved & important. He’s very affectionate, & will give you endless hugs and squeezes Not only is he sweet, but he’s so respectful & mature. He will make sure you’re always comfortable. He’s a total NERD. But in a good way, he’s your cute nerd. He’s talented. Sometimes you look at him and just can’t look away, he’s so mesmerizing, he’s so cute & handsome. Henry is someone you will always want to keep in your life, someone you never want to let go. Someone you hope you never have to let go. Make sure he knows how much you love him. Make sure you’re affectionate back with him, make sure you’re real & honest with him, make sure that he feels just as loved & appreciated and needed as he wants you to feel, if not more. He deserves nothing less.
I love Henry a lot. He’s a cutie, even if you saw him everyday for hours on end, you still wouldn’t get enough of how cute he is.
by big uwu hours June 12, 2019
Henry is always a very nice person, can often be cute af and you should keep them because there lovable
by Henry A October 21, 2019