A evil Cat with a human nose and a mustache, one with the power to steal and deform faces, turning them into horrible abominations
A jerk, who brought only corruption and curses to the peaceful Lands
Henchman: "GIVE ME YOUR FACE!"
Person: "No"
Person: "What?"
Person2: "Hench stop being a dick"
by Henchman the Necromancer April 6, 2021
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A shredded not fat man called oliver
He’s a henchman because he’s shredded and not fat He must be called. O l I v e r
by Shredded henchman Oliver October 29, 2019
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oafff, needs to die her hair back!!! and get some friends
shes so fat, ugly....I mean she is a HENCHMAN
by gia February 17, 2003
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Henchman 24 is a recently deceased Henchman of The Monarch, the arch-nemesis and rival to Dr. Thaddeus Venture, father of The Venture Bros. (the title of the adult swim television series).

Henchman 24 is notorious for his strangely pitched voice, his lanky build, and his resemblance to Jerry Seinfled, once his costume is off. He is seen most frequently, in fact always, with Henchman 21, his cohort and friend.

Henchman 24 is killed by a car bomb when he mistakenly gets his seatbelt stuck in what was supposed to be a parked Monarchmobile.

The Monarch has not only hired Henchman 24 as his henchman, he at one time was a "Shadowman" with him under the employ of Phantom Limb, during his time with the Guild of Calamitous Intent. At that time, Henchman 24 was known as Shadowman.... 24.

He currently haunts his old friend, 21, though it is still disputable as to whether or not he is in fact a spirit returned from the dead or a figment of 21's damaged psyche at the loss of his one and only friend.
Henchman 24 ran from Brock Sampsons as fast as his feet could carry him, being his life depended on it.
by TwainFan January 1, 2010
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A cynical coward of wantonly sadistic and sub-human moral character who is always desperate to participate in easy victories of any sort. He or she can be seen in the wild slithering out from under some rock to immediately and automatically take the side of all obvious predators and victimizers, against any of their "whining loser" victims.

Can be republican or democrat, because they're both basically the same thing nowadays anyway.
Whatever you do, don't let Duane hear you talk about what your company did to you; all he'll do is call you a "whiner" and paint you as some kind of spoiled and "disgruntled ingrate". That's just the way he is -- he's a volunteer henchman.
by C'est Logique February 8, 2012
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The comeback NOONE can argue with
"says the henchman"

"Discord is so henchmanic"
"says the henchman"
by notanash September 25, 2020
The Cheese Henchman, the one that brings grace to the glorious Cheese Priest. There is only one Henchman, for the role is too great to be shared amongst others. This person is second in command, he rules over the Cheeselings but is overseen by the Cheese Priest. He must not anger the holiest of priests known as the Cheese Priest, if he does he will be struck down and banished from the holiest's Church.
by MrPik December 10, 2020
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