The resulting consequence of a gargantuan lapse in mental coherence, to an extent comparable to the level achieved by the common autist.
The hench goof is such a situational phenomenon, you'll know it when you see it
by TheWiseMemeCaster February 20, 2015
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The hench (UK slang for big and bulky/muscular) combined with "hench stench" so as to describe a bad smell - chiefly from a bodily source but can relate to environmental smells
Used as an anthropomorphism of a particulary smelly fart.

Piers: What was that sound?

Wally: Errrr..

*2 seconds passes*

Piers: Mate, that was a HENCH STENCH!
by Guffmeister November 28, 2011
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An absolute top of the hierarchy mad lad. Usually their names are Declan Carey and they do always have a large penis. If you want to be a Hench Lad you cannot just become a Hench Lad as the Hench Ladness chooses you.
Oh look it’s a Hench Lad. I bet he has a body count of 160803.
by VerySexyHenchLad February 6, 2020
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a man who is extremely hench.
and fuckin buff.
you just wanna make love to him hes such a babe.
"Fuck me, he is hench as FUCK!"
"I just want a hench as fuck man in my life."
by tinkabizzle October 11, 2007
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Some tank ass mother fucker, who has the pure strength of a stallion!
Terry: Fuck me that black guys hench!!
Davis: Yeah man, he's hench as a horse!
by Hench. May 2, 2011
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To steal one's orange juice in the morning. Usually performed whilst being hungover.
Ben, I have been Bare Henching all the orange juice, hanging out my arse!
by fiftybore February 20, 2011
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being ripped from working out in the gym, but nobody can tell because you have to many tattoos
Guy 1 : Jim's as skinny as a twig
Guy 2 : No way hes stealth hench
by billsmut September 1, 2014
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