Henche can mean like above normal height for your age or whatever.
Corr mate your well henche.
by Jamie Fellows January 22, 2007
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A loser that does whatever you tell them to. Emphasis put on the word hench.
by Graham Bateson April 19, 2008
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To be massively addled on drugs or alcohol.
Oh my god! You're so henched.

Screw it dude, I'm henched.
by Jackary December 24, 2011
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A fat, strong, juicy looking cock.
A dick that is' 'ripped' and veiny. Can hold a girl of any weight because its strong like superman.
Sally 'what are you looking at on google, Tim'
Tim 'just hench cock...'
by Kim Barnett June 23, 2013
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A sub-ordinate member of a duck gang who does other ducks dirty work, such as harassing pedestrians for crack (corn that is).
I got jumped by this mean hench duck when I went to the bog
by GesturalParenthesis who? April 11, 2010
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