a great band. getting a little too mainstream now. but it's cool, cause they're still hot! They play a pretty good show too.

Forrest, Jesse, Chris, Marcus
This dance will be better than your favorite icecream,
I cut like a knife & i dance just like a dream.
by <33 December 8, 2004
one of the coolest bands ever. they wear nifty little track shorts.
hellogoodbye is cool.
by dunno August 5, 2004
The best band ever, hands down. Most of their songs makes you want to dance, others are just sweet and relaxed.
Hellogoodbye's music are amazing, and so are the lyrics. If you do not agree with this, you can just kiss my ass.
by xoxxoxoxo March 7, 2007
pop/powerpop/indie band
forrest-writes and records songs, lead singer, plays guitar
marcus-bass guitar/bass keyboards (wears red headphones)
chris-drums, other percussions
at the moment they have only one album, titled, "hellogoodbye"; an EP, but they're releasing a full-legnth somewhere around may 2006...they won the dew circuit breakout on mtv2, so soon they will be popular, and teeny boppers will roam about talking crap about hellogoodbye that they know nothing about. all we can do is hope that the band doesnt change, and ignore the posers.
hellogoodbye is the best band ever. hopefully, teeny boppers wont come and ruin them and make them shit like they do to all the other good bands out there.
A super tight band from the west coast.

They all manage to rock the booty shorts and throw up the deuces at the same time and still look cool.
"eyo, touchdown turnaround, I never see you around
anywhere or anymore, you iz what I'm looking for
touchdown turnaround ,urrything is safe and sound
urrywhere and urrytime, I iz yours and you iz mine"
hellogoodbye lyrics, gangster style

by shaday March 20, 2007
amazing band that writes wonderful songs that make me want to dance
you promised me starry night skies, they just remind me of your shining bright eyes.
by Squidney July 29, 2005
Pretty much my favorite band. They are from HB, California. They are super cool and have a key board. The best is Chris becuase he has drums. He rocks those drums like nobody's business.
H to the E to the LL O Hellogoodbye on the microphone. G Double O D BYE
Hellogoodbye is more awesome than your favorite ice cream.
by Sarah November 27, 2004