Style of music that employs rock and roll/punk elements and an emotional undertone in its songs. Basically combines Beatle song content/jangly guitars with Johnny Thunders-esque pace and riffs.

Powerpop reached its creative peak during the late 1970's & early 1980's. Regardless of what psuedo-scene girls has nothing to do with hellogoodye and everything to do with 20/20, The Knack, The Raspberries, The Nerves, etc.
Hellogoodybe IS NOT powerpop...but the Nerves are.
by Henry__Chinaski April 11, 2007
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A high-energy form of music. It makes you want to start dancing, but includes real instruments, meaning, and all of the general emo-essentials. Followed closely by over-preppy girls and anybody scene.
Karrie:OMG! Becka! Did you hear the new Hellogoodbye stuff?
Becka: NO!! Head Automatica Currently Owns My Stereo. Powerpop is Love.
Karrie: Chyeah!
by J<3 November 9, 2006
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A genre of Pop/Rock music.

Started around the early-mid 70's as a sort of continuation of the spirit of rock played by many Rock and British Invasion bands during the 60's.
Known for it's catchiness and may include 60's-esque Pop vocals and harmonies. Tends to be very poppy, upbeat and fun. Can include elements of Hard Rock and Pop Punk or synthesizers among others. Influenced and related to genres such as New Wave and Jangle Pop, Pop Punk. and Indie Rock.
Well known artists who have played Powerpop include:

Big Star
Redd Kross
The Undertones
The Romantics
The Knack
Cheap Trick
The Cars
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

But those are just a few and there is many more with much more variety.
by RKFS September 30, 2008
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When a female is pleasured by a popsicle being inserted into her vaginaly, replicating intercourse. Can be done with a partner, or in masturbatory means.
Tara asked Jake to buy her some popsicles in the hope that he could powerpop her that evening.
by Vpdotcom July 22, 2009
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