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A sexual position in which the man is standing up, holding the woman with her legs preferably placed over his shoulders. The man supports the woman by placing his hands either under her ass or armpits, the woman usually holding the man around the neck or shoulders. So named because the pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey noted that "gangsters," criminals, and other social deviants showed an unusually strong preference for this sexual position.
I came home the other day and Ashley looked so damn hot that I just picked her ass up right there and fucked her gangster style.
by Romeo Foxtrot February 11, 2008
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To hold a gun horizontally instead of the way it is normally suppose to be held vertically. This reduces accuracy to close to 0% and makes it nearly impossible to hit someone unless they are right near you. Its commonly used by "gangsters" and rappers usually hold their "gatts" this way.
Look at 50-Cent holding that berretta gangster style, he couldn't fucking hit a blimp with that thing.
by Krondo March 02, 2005
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