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Élodie a shy and humble girl who, once you get to know her, is the most loving crazy girl you'll ever meet. She tends to need an extra push when she feels down but you know you can always count on her. She also tends to overreact at the little things and is sometimes awkward but all in all is proven to be one of the best people in the world. In Addition, she loves pasta tacos and tends to like the shade dark blue.
wow look at elodie I wish more people were more like her!
by anonymos252525 August 24, 2016
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The French equivalent of a haiku. Usually short and sweet, and the best ones are very beautiful. Not to be confused with melody or elegy.
Did you see that pretty Elodie on facebook?
by The Ultimate Natmaster December 02, 2012
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the most awesum person in the world...and she's relly hot... plus this is a beautiful name... its a French name, pronounced like melody without the m... more ppl in America should b named this..
holy shit did u see that sexy girl?? I think her nAmes elodie... wat a hot name!
by elliebby August 25, 2008
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