another word for bud or pal but this what hockey players to use to call their bauds.
come baud dont bang that broad.
by doctor spivak June 12, 2011
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bits per second; rate of information transfer, hence 'baud-rate'; see Information theory; also kilo-baud (kb)- thousands of baud, mega-baud (Mb) - millions of baud.
A 56 kb modem can send data at 56,000 bits per second down the wire.
by mistweb October 13, 2003
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pronounced (bowed) being very ugly and uncool
She is so baud
by erndafern July 23, 2011
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oooh......he was baud
you should of seen that
by jerk October 5, 2003
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a very very very very very very very low class slut
got dammit that dirty baud Ingred fingered herself again yesterday
by Sex Monster 8000 March 16, 2005
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Baud(baed) Noun -
Origin: Canada

Definition: a form of address, usually to a Hockey boy or puckslut attractor, used especially when the name of the one being addressed is not known.
wanna hack a dart on da pond der, baud?
by UrbanMan43 December 9, 2016
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In the song "Wipe Me Down" - fresh kicks, fresh white tall tee's ,fresh NFL hat, fresh bauds wit a crease
by Darrell Pool March 26, 2008
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