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I just started playing doom2 again using a program I downloaded from
by tt January 02, 2005
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For those of us that enjoy it, it is among the greatest games ever created.

Doom 2, and it's prequel Doom, started a new era in online shooting games.
Most FPS games played online today are traced back to this bad boy.

Since it's inception; thousands of wads; including new maps, textures, and audio, have been created over it's life span; leaving an almost endless supply of wads to experience.
Today, there are new wads being made all the time, for both single player, and multiplayer, and will continue indefinitely into the future.
It has gone from a more restricted keyboard and mouse controlled experience, to enabling full mouselook support, with even the option of jumping, although these were neither intended, nor necessary to play Doom.

Doom 2 belongs in the hallowed halls of gaming history.
Chuck: Hey Dave, let's organise a Doom 2 LAN party with the work guys this weekend yeah?

Dave: Sounds great Chuck; just make sure you get crossover cables this time!
by TRRobin August 31, 2013
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