an ironic term using to replace fuck
Joe: Heck the rules!
Jim: You're hecking crazy!
by Cantanope November 6, 2016
Present Participle Form Of The Slang Word, Heck.
“Yo!! What Hecking Time Is It?” - Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.
by Hzr November 12, 2018
The closest thing to a swear some parents let their kids say
"It's so hecking annoying that my parents don't let me cuss"
by Jetwing June 18, 2020
A word for the manipulation of computer software.
"Those damned hecking heckers sure are evil." "My Macbook was just hecked! I'm going to the Geek Squad to report this Hecking."
by stabby1 January 8, 2012
Where you go to if you used frick,nards,crap, and gosh
Oh hecking heck I dropped my funnel cake that Justin made for me.
by That hecking trucker February 20, 2017
Where you go to if you don't believe in Gosh.
by Lover Boy September 15, 2003