Heckin: Adverb
A word to describe an item or action that is a lot of something, or is extremely something; close to hella.
Oh man, that was heckin dope my guy.
by NotLilPumpButClose September 12, 2017
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Said mainly by meme dogs mainly by shiba inu dogs
Doggo 1: I cant eat that heckin carrot.

Doggo 2: fine then i'll eat the heckin carrot!
by All_New_64 January 29, 2020
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For when you wanna cuss in class or in public but your around family and your teacher is near you. Just yell heckin because it can replace words such as; fuck, shit, and ass.
You heckin heck I will heckin kill ya!!
by Mc diabetes October 30, 2018
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An interjection, accompanied by a thigh slap (dab optional).
"Heckin!" *slap* "We have so much heckin *slap* homework!"
by WhatTheQuiznak?! March 11, 2017
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Harlem Street Slang Version Of The Present Participle Form Of The Slang Word, Heck.
“Yo!! What Heckin’ Time Is It?” - Hopkins Harlem aka Harlem.
by Hzr November 12, 2018
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Heckins is a word you whisper, say, or shout when you are too much of a little Christian good boy to say hell, so instead you say “Heckins.” When you say Heckins all the women will run towards you boobs out with interesting plans.
Ralphard: Damn yo I suck at cornhole, heckins.
All the women in a 5 mile radius: *Run toward you boobs out with interesting plans*.
by Ralphard the Magnificent March 28, 2021
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