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1. Usually used to describe an overweight animal with the intention of mocking the owner for not keeping their pet healthy.
2. Can be also used ironically to oppose the critique and to remind others that there are bigger problems then overfeeding a pet even in the animal abuse category.

3. Can also be used to mock these animal abuse apologists (2) for being morons critizizing something that isn't wrong in its nature.
person 1: Hey dude, you wanna go out with me?
person 2: Not really, sorry bro
person 1: Why not?
person 2: You're a heckin chonker
by IonDust June 8, 2020
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To prank or to mislead someone that likes memes.
"I heckin memed Stacey today when I told her that she might be pregnant because I didn't use a condom."
by MotherHecker August 25, 2016
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A deragatory term used to describe a person who is so much of a bich, they are a heckin bich thot.
Josh: “Hey, you know David?”
Jack: “Oh yeah, he’s a heckin bich thot.
by I’m Not Crazy Hopefully March 28, 2018
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When a woofer (big ol doggo) get very anger (heckin angry) it turns to a heckin angry woofer
Thats a heckin angry woofer
by A smol boi October 12, 2017
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an exclamation that can be used in many circumstances. it is a less profane version of "oh my fuckin god" and more positive. it can be used when something is funny, surprising, or maybe dumb.
Peppa: George, we won the lottery!

George: oops i've spilt your tea
Peppa: ugh oh my heckin god ur cancelled

Peppa: OH MY HECKIN GOD ! GEORGE LOOK AT THIS MEME i'm laughing so hard
by hecking September 15, 2018
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The strange yet alluring dance someone can do to the off beat sounds of the American horror story theme song.
Dude, look at Stephanie, she knows how to heckin blep better than anyone.
by Blepboi October 13, 2017
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Anyone named Jorge. Will always make you laugh. The funniest person you have ever met. Very adorable. Best smile award. Can make you smile no matter what.
Have you met Jorge? He’s heckin hilarious!
by Lscho4211 January 14, 2021
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