The notorious Australian bushranger who constructed his own bulletproof armoured suit. The ignorant view him as a crook while most perceive him as a legendary Aussie hero and icon. Known for his famous last words "Such is Life" meaning that no matter what happens stress less, it's just life and we only get one. Ned was sadly hung to death on 11 November 1880, at just age 25.
-"Ned Kelly was an Australian legend"

-"Such is life mate"
by Lucifer is my bitch April 25, 2021
a victorian bushranger (early gangsta) who killed people, robbed banks and did many bad things and is classed as a hero in australian history
damn you steal from the rich and kkep it for yourslef your like a modern day Ned Kelly
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
(1854-1880) Infamous Irish-Austrailian bushranger-cum-bank-robber who performed some of the most daring raids in history. He fought the establishment for a republic of Victoria. The last attack he made on the establishment was an attempt to derail a train carrying over 200 police officers. Throughout his time as an outlaw he had become a people's champion. He was a modern-day Robin Hood, and his popularity was such that he thought no-one would betray him.

After decades of great loyalty from the poor, he was betrayed on his greatest mission yet. The train stopped before it could be derailed, and police rushed to the hotel he was staying at. He and three other members of the "Kelly Gang" had made primitive body armour from plough metal. This did little to save his friends, who were shot in armour gaps, such as the crotch (ouch!).

Kelly waded to the forest where he was crossed by 34 armed police. He took them all on in a gunfight, and bullets pierced his armour 27 times. He eventually fell from a loss of blood, and was nursed back to health before his execution. On the scaffold he said "such is life", as the noose was tied.

He is best remembered for being an outlaw, a hardman and being the early pioneer of bullet-proof body armour.
Did anyone see that "reckless kelly" movie with yahoo serious?

yahoo serious?

yes, he's a...nevermind.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 23, 2004
to bash someone for looking at you funny.
Dazza: that guy over there is looking at ya funny

Nat: where is he? I'll ned kelly him!
by strayadogs January 14, 2017
another term for having a wank ! usualy used in the australian army
cpl: smith you in here ?
smith : ned kelly !
cpl : ah ok
by bvvvvt January 3, 2012