A small to huge piece of advanced male weaponry capable of delivering enormous payloads to a hot target.
When my girlfriend came home too drunk to shag, my heat-seeking moisture missile never got off the launching pad and had to be put in storage.
by bookfraud April 01, 2015
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An incredibly large, erect penis. Syn: dick, third leg, throbbing python of love,
Ant: prick
Launch the heat-seeking mositure missile!
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
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to engage in the action of manually stimulating the male genitalia. results usually as the effect of long droughts of sexual activity, but not limited only to pervs who have never been laid, though there is a strong link to said pervs and dramatically increased amounts of aforementioned stimulation.
ted: man last night after susie-lee blew me off at the bar i went home and drained the heat seeking moisture missile, if you know what i mean.
jimbo: ted, you sick bastard.
by mitch November 03, 2004
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