A South African slang term for the following:
1.Putting someone in a difficult situation by mentioning something at the wrong time or in front of the wrong people.
2.Setting someone up to do something that will be to their own detriment. Both intentionally and unintentionally.
1.Charlie launched by mentioning the house party in front of John's mom who they had told they were attending a dinner.
2.Charlie launched John by suggesting they ditch math class knowing that John was failing and they had a test the following day.
by Taste Champagne May 14, 2017
Verb: to have a gathering with the intention of getting shitfaced as a result of drinking alcohol.
Noun: an alcoholic meet, with the intention of getting shitfaced.
(Verb): “We’ll be launching next week dude, be there.”
Noun: “bruh the launch is tonight”
by DuTcH DoG April 3, 2022
Abbreviation for Late Lunch. Eating lunch between 1:30p-4:30p.
We can't make lunch, but I think we can make launch at 3:00p.
by stafordsnow June 22, 2017
A term used in the upper circles of society as a polite way of describing that you are going for a shit.
Mr Greene deperate for the toilet announces that he's "Off to launch HMS Greene".
by garjo December 3, 2009
Launch is a definition when somebody confesses something extremely rare and sick or if someone confesses something for you.
Friend: Begin to pack your stuff, we most go, you use like 15 minutes to come!

2. Friend: Your mother uses 15 to come!

Rest of the friends: Haha! Launch!

Male friend is in love in a German boy!
2. Friend: Launch
by nilsz February 12, 2010
To vomit. Usually in reaction to waking up next to someone far uglier than who you went to bed with.
"Dude man, she's pretty when I'm drunk, but this morning the sight of her made me launch!"
by csmithesq March 13, 2009
to introduce a new thing (bragging)
this weekend am launching a new girl

i launched my new outfit last weekend

that guy launches new chicks every weekend
by album luancher January 27, 2011