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A Seaking is a much like a koi goldfish, only it has a horn at the top of its head. It evolves from the Pokemon Goldeen at level 33 and can also learn an HM move (Waterfall). This move allows the trainer to travel up and down waterfalls at will. It also learns the attack Horn Drill, which, if it hits the opponent of a lower level, results in a one-hit KO. It has since become a meme under unknown circumstances, accompanied with the words, often in capital letters, "FUCK YEAH!" Though this went to a little bit higher level when it was revealed in the Diamond and Pearl games you could add letters to the Pokemon's entrance into battle, allowing you to use up to eight letters. Seaking has since been mixed with other Pokemon, such as Slowpoke, Bidoof, and/or Mudkip.
Gamer 1: Dude, I was using the Super Rod in the Safari Zone... You'll never guess what I found.
Gamer 2: I dunno... Slowbro? Dratini?
Gamer 1: SEAKING!
Gamer 1&2: FUCK YEAH!
by Rival Blue November 22, 2007
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Seaking is a goldfish Pokémon that evolves from Goldeen when it reaches level 33.

Seaking is often parodied as a Pokémon that destroys a lot of things, often photoshopped into pictures of wars, 9/11, etc.
Fuck yeah, Seaking!
Seaking, fuck yeah!
by Kamonegi June 20, 2007
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A pokemon from the famous nintendo game series. Now a meme on 4chan where seaking busts through things and is applauded.
by _anonymous June 03, 2007
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An UBER water-type Pokemon. Also the evolved form of Goldeen, a Pokemon from Gereration I, and the subject of an internet meme "F*** YEAH SEAKING."
Albert: My Goldeen evolved into a Seaking!
David: That's awesome, dude!
by venusaurmaster August 13, 2011
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Native to the maritime provinces of Canada, this helicopter is known frig up in every way possible
The sea king fell from the sky like a rock
by Winnie The Shit November 13, 2003
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A person who conquers more than 5 impossile situations in sequence.
They call Larry a sea king. He's who I talk to whenever the Pine Brook people start getting crazy.
by silverseal September 17, 2011
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