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Daphney is a loving girl that every one loves she weird ,Goofy , and a great friend don’t let daphney leave your life. She cares about people’s feelings and won’t let u down. She also loves hugging people it’s her job makes people laugh when their down. Every ones her friend (popular or not) she still loves u please don’t let her go please don’t.
Friend 1:that’s friend

Friend 2:she’s a goof ball
Friend 3:yeah every one loves daphney
by Super loved January 05, 2018
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Daphney, were can I start? She’s a beautiful girl with a great personality. She’s weird, goofy, and smart. If your sad she constantly annoys you and ask u what’s wrong cuz she cares about ur feeling. She’s very loyal and she will smile all the time but her smiles are contagious. She loves to hug a lot so watch out. She’s friends with any one (popular or not). If your boyfriend or bestie your lucky. She has little temper but she’ll get over it. Don’t let Daphney leave your side.
Person1:Did u see that girl running weirdly

Person1:That’s a Daphney
by Super loved September 23, 2018
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A girl who has pretty hair and smiles a lot. Someone who desperately graves, and feeds off attention. Will only be satisfied and die once she receives a hug from every person in the world.
"Oh no, Daphney looks like shes about to hug me."
by Dr. Pepper with love May 07, 2010
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