A better name for the opening at the tip of the penis. Otherwise known as the urethral opening
Dude I just came so hard out my head pussy.

Yo dude I think my head pussy is infected.
by Flirnten Nutburt November 13, 2018
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"Man I'm so gald she let me bust in her head pussy last night, I't felt so good."
by Eh Jay January 24, 2009
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Slang - Amer. - penis (usually circumcised)
Guy #1: So then what?
Guy #2: So then I broke out my purple-headed pussy poker and hit that like a porn star
by StBill August 30, 2009
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a man thinking everytime just about female genitals and catch the smell fresh wet pussy from far away
Dont bring Mills to girls dormitary,he's such a pussy head.
by 2damned June 03, 2007
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The wrinkles found on the back of a person's head that resemble the outer lips of the vagina.
Dude look at that Hawaiian head pussy!! Thing got me creaming!
by Bigleftknut September 10, 2021
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An insult that applies to anyone with a bloated ego. It is synonymous with being a oversized penis that walks like a man with a grotesquely swollen purple head ie. the next step up from being just a dick or being a dick head.

Synonymous to:

*A person who exemplifies being a dick to extremes.
*A complete Douche Bag.
*Ball breakers.
*A person with a SERIOUS attitude problem.
Preppie: You wish you were me.
Not Preppie: Why would I want to be a purple headed pussy ripper like you?

You gave them a really condescending speech that was out of line. Quit acting like such a purple headed pussy ripper.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is a total Purple Headed Pussy Ripper. Step on his dick and we all will pay.
by Fractious1 February 10, 2018
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