She is one of the most beautiful girls inside and out. She will always bring a smile to your face and has a really amazing personality.
Everybody needs a friend like Haylee

Haylee, she is so amazingly gorgeous
by MikyMouse17 June 28, 2011
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a girl with stunning eyes and falls in love with a short guy and is strong and badaas
by Heller67 March 15, 2018
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Haylee a person full if personality,a lot of friends,and outgoing. Most likely to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Boys are attracted to her beauty.amazing person to be around.
Boy: who is that

Other boy: I don't know but...WoW...I think it's Haylee!..
by Seth rinchinch November 27, 2013
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n: A Halation of Beauty; an Angel of Men. Possessing extreme qualities of splendor and majesty.
There is Haylee; She takes my breath away.
by Shaun O' March 07, 2007
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