A Halation of Beauty; an Angel of Men. Possessing extreme qualities of splendor and majesty.
Haylee is beautiful...
by radicalredhead22 December 08, 2017
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Haylee is an outstandingly beautiful girl. She makes everyone around her happy. She might have a few fake friends but she definitely has a bunch of real ones. Haylee is the most pretty girl you’ve seen. When ever you see her you can’t help but admire her. She has friends of all types. She is respectful, nice, and generally amazing person. Everyone loves Haylee from her looks to her amazing personality.
Guy: omg who’s that girl!?
Me: That’s Haylee and back off
by Gayest_of_all_bitches December 18, 2019
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Haylee is someone words can’t even begin to describe. A Haylee will make the most of the abilities they were given. She will never lie about who she is even if other people don’t quite understand her, which they often don’t. Haylee is a mystery, and yet somehow a masterpiece at the same time. She’ll try to act stronger than she really is because she has been taken advantage of before, or has had a rough past she doesn’t want people to see. Don’t be mistaken though, a Haylee NEVER fakes who she is. A Haylee is brave and outgoing. Haylees care about other people and in most cases too much because they tend not to care the same. Haylees are extremely talented, and you’ll probably never find someone as talented as her. Along with talent Haylees are often tall, beautiful, and we’re born to do something great. Most Haylee are hilarious, and adorable! A Haylee can lighten any room and know exactly what they want. They can often be found trying to figure out where their piece fits into the puzzle. Haylee are super sweet but will not let you walk all over them. They take things people say to heart very easily. Haylees are mysterious, different, a little broken, talented, loving, drop dead gorgeous, but mainly scared. They are scared because they feel alone. If you know a Haylee hold her tight, never let her go, and show her just how amazing she really is. If you are a Haylee love who you are, because there is no one else in the world like you.
Dude 1: Wow Haylee is so beautiful

Dude 2: Not only is she beautiful, but she has an amazing personality.
by Affreedia December 31, 2019
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A cute, kind girl. She finds interacting with people socially is nice, but will mess p and becomes awkward. She likes to play video games on her xbox or her iPhone. She can be the bestest friend you will ever have, so if you have a Haylee in your life, KEEP HER!!! She can also hide emotions and wont tell her really miserable ones. Her best friends will start with M, A, C, G, R, S, J, or D. (that she will never lose) any other names without the letters told, will become a fake friend. Trust me 8)
Friend: Oh hey Haylee!

Haylee: Oh heyyy! How was your day?
-few days later-

Friend (fake): Dang I heard you arent cool anymore. Imma believe tha bully and be with her, go kys Haylee.
by yo what do you want? December 18, 2019
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haylee is an AMAZING person they will always have your back they may be a little shy at first but when you get to now them you will relise how nice and kined and friendly they are so if you have a friends like haylee keep her forever

done by a Haylee
friends: hey its haylee
haylee: hey biches ;)))
by haylee.xo.hayalayanaya.ayanaua September 25, 2019
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Usually seems mean in a large or small group but one on one is very nice very hot headed and is athletic but girly usually is very attractive but does things out of the ordinary as in not very basic like different piercings or maybe have an undercut most Haylee's I know are dating a athletic and strong but nerd and funny boy usually cute with something out of the ordinary about him as well.
Boy 1 :she seems mean but she's so pretty
Boy 2 :that's Haylee she is mean but can be sweet and sorry but she's taken

Boy 1: dang
by Idk__124 December 16, 2018
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