Haylees are beautiful and kind inside and out. They usually have blonde hair and blue eyes and wear glasses. You either love her or want to be her. They make the best girlfriends but catch her while you can these girls only come around one in a while.
Haylee is so beautiful
by Nice person05 November 16, 2017
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always look like a potatoe and is sarcastic 24/7
OMG haylee your a potatoe
by samme lee December 14, 2017
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The name Haylee is normally given to one who is extremely sexually appealing. Usually blonde (sometimes a red head) with blue eyes & big boobs, she will always be wanted by members of the oppostie sex. Amazing in bed and gets turned on easily. Also a really big tease, she knows just how to tease her partner.
Guy1; look at the blonde over there.
Guy2; she looks like a Haylee to me.
Guy1; hope so, means she'll be good in bed.
Guy2; who says she'd go for you, Haylee's have high standards.
by Mr Smarts. March 26, 2008
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someone, usually blonde, cheerleader type who is so sweet, definately a guy magnet! Whore on occasion (just for fun)Super silly and a party girl!
That party was so radical!Definately Haylee!
by ellebell August 15, 2008
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Usually a beautiful girl with big boobs. She can get any guy she wants, they all drool over her. She has brown hair and bright hazel eyes. She's a volleyball player and a cheerleader and everyone loves her. She's very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone.
James: Damn look at that Haylee over there!
Riley: Ohh she's fine!!
James: I wish she would notice me
Riley: She's perfect.
by Hullabaloohohh October 05, 2013
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Very beautiful girl, amazing personality, shy on the streets but a freak in the sheets. People love taking advantage of her. Can be a bitch. Very big partier. Laughs a lot, very forgiving. Animal lover, falls in love easily, a cheerleader, very shy at school. From Texas, ready to graduate from Midway highschool. Blue eyes and dirty blonde, sometimes tomboyish loves football, loves to sleep.
Wow where can I find a girl like Haylee!
by Dog.lover17 January 27, 2017
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A beautiful, stunning woman. Shy, but out going when you get to know her. She loves to smoke marijuana and have a good time. She is a loyal friend and girlfriend, will give the craziest but best sex ever. Haylee would be described as short, blonde, with brown or blue eyes and the funniest girl ever. Haylee can also be an emotional roller coaster but she is far worth it. Haylee is judgmental, jealous, and vary protective of what is hers. She is sneaky but not too sneaky. Haylee is girly but not afraid to get dirty.
Boy- Wow, look at her. She must be a Haylee, stunning.
by queenb1212 November 07, 2017
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