Most often, a smart and quiet girl with stunning eyes. Haylee’s are shy until you get to know them, then they become outgoing and hysterical girls. Most Haylee’s are girly, but have a tomboy side; taking interest in games and/or sports. She is often mistaken as something she’s not, is always misunderstood, and is seen differently by everyone. Haylee is someone who distrusts, someone who is hard to understand, and you may just give up trying to figure her out. She always cares for others and listens to them, but the favor is never returned. Haylee is the name for someone who is tough, feisty, adorable, sympathetic, sexy, shy, girly but tomboyish, someone who has a big heart and is a great friend. Get to know a Haylee if you find one, they will be your best friend for life. :
Guy 1: Who's that?
Guy 2: A beautiful girl who is also taken and unbelievably faithful.
Guy 1: Must be a Haylee.
Guy 2: Yep, she's a 10.
Guy 1: For sure.

(Distinctively Beautiful)
by Andienigala June 17, 2014
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Haylee is a beautiful, loving, amazing, perfect girl with the most gorgeous eyes and body. She has the best personality you'll ever find, and she will always stay loyal to you. A girl named Haylee has an amazing laugh, one that just makes you want to laugh along with her no matter the situation.

She will always bring her boyfriend'a heart into a warm love every time they are together. Haylee is the best girlfriend any guy could ever ask for.

If you are dating a girl named Haylee, don't ever let her go.

If you are named Haylee, you are a creature that is blessed and carefully created by God. He really took some time to make such a perfect girl.
Damn Haylee, eyebrows on fleek doe.

Wow Haylee, you and him have been together forever!
by Dmax.hunter108 October 10, 2016
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A girl who is often misunderstood and funny. She has an “attitude” people like to say but it just her speaking the truth. She never holds back saying what she wants or how she feels even when people don’t ask for it, but she always says what she wants when she wants truthfully. The humor of her is funny and “rude” it’s not her having an attitude it’s her speaking her mind, most everyone thinks it’s rude. Everyone says to express yourself, but Haylee can’t because others won’t let Her. She never really shows sad emotion she holds it in until she’s alone, that’s when she really breaks down. Haylee tries to act tough or hard so that others can’t get to her feelings, or at least make them think they can’t. People are not loyal to her like she is to them.
Haylee is a name

Hey Haylee come here!”
by The realist Bitch out here April 19, 2019
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A amazing girl with a great personality but she is a little crazy Typically haylees’ are usually shorter than other people but that isn’t an entirely bad thing because that means there closer to hell so if they ever get u mad just hold their stuff above your head but be careful if u get a haylee mad they might try to cut your balls off and wear them ass a hat
Me: yo u she that girl man
Friend: ya I heard she’s a haylee
by ImScaredHelpMe March 12, 2019
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Absolute fucking cock smack of a person but you still luv her
by Willy bum bum suck my thumb February 27, 2019
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Haylee is someone who may suffer from depression but tries her hardest to hold a smile.(Possibly self harm or even be suicidal) Even if she is the most beautiful, thin, and perfect girl ever she will never see herself as anything like that. She would rather enjoy an night home alone than going out with friends. She's got a kind heart tho!
Oh Haylee? Yeah she seems down...
by One bad ass bitch October 15, 2017
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Haylee is someone words can’t even begin to describe. A Haylee will make the most of the abilities they were given. She will never lie about who she is even if other people don’t quite understand her, which they often don’t. Haylee is a mystery, and yet somehow a masterpiece at the same time. She’ll try to act stronger than she really is because she has been taken advantage of before, or has had a rough past she doesn’t want people to see. Don’t be mistaken though, a Haylee NEVER fakes who she is. A Haylee is brave and outgoing. Haylees care about other people and in most cases too much because they tend not to care the same. Haylees are extremely talented, and you’ll probably never find someone as talented as her. Along with talent Haylees are often tall, beautiful, and we’re born to do something great. Most Haylee are hilarious, and adorable! A Haylee can lighten any room and know exactly what they want. They can often be found trying to figure out where their piece fits into the puzzle. Haylee are super sweet but will not let you walk all over them. They take things people say to heart very easily. Haylees are mysterious, different, a little broken, talented, loving, drop dead gorgeous, but mainly scared. They are scared because they feel alone. If you know a Haylee hold her tight, never let her go, and show her just how amazing she really is. If you are a Haylee love who you are, because there is no one else in the world like you.
Dude 1: Wow Haylee is so beautiful

Dude 2: Not only is she beautiful, but she has an amazing personality.
by Affreedia December 31, 2020
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