Haylee is someone you should become friends with. They are really protective, goofy, and a trustworthy friend. A Haylee is really hot so good luck shooting your shot. Her eyes are a beautiful blue and her hair is always perfect especially when its curly. She is also really frickin thicc. A Haylee is very sporty and athletic, she has a perfect body. She has boys and maybe even girls day dreaming about her. Just watch out she can be crazy sometimes, and maybe her freaky side will come out ;)
Dude1: broooo Haylee is thicc asf

Dude2: I know right shes absolutely stunning
Dude1: you think I got a shot?
Dude2: no shes mine
by Rackcity100 October 06, 2019
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Haylee is a female name. Belongs to bitches. That’s it folks. Bitches
Me: There’s Haylee!
Friend: You mean bitch?
by CaterpillarMustache April 23, 2020
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