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Colby is this sweet handsome boy and is very caring and sometimes can be annoying as fuck but love his friends especially his girlfriend. He has a lot of friends and is very sweet but sometimes can be an asshole.
"dude did you know Colby is dating Annie?"
by SomeonewhogoestoCORDELL September 12, 2019
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You dumb motherfucker.How dare you try and define the god almighty COLBY? He can read your fucking MIND with his 31 foot SCHLONG. He will fucking dominate you, mentally and physically. He will whoop your ass with a 2x4, then whoop the 2x4's ass. He might even whoop the 2x4's ass, using you as a fuckin cricket bat. He will skull fuck you if you wrong him. Last time I had an encounter with Colby, he looked at me and mentally fucked me. I was never the same.
Chad: Look at that Colby!
Fred: Oh shit he's looking our way!!!
by Butthole Betty December 13, 2018
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Colby. He is one of a kind.
He is also a very sarcastic, but secretive boy.
Colby has bright blue eyes, and a snapping jawline.

Cheek bones sharper than that knife your using.

Funnier than that stand up comedian that won 54 Grammys.

He will care for you, boyfriend or not.

He will love you and support you through everything.

Colby’s are amazing.

I love you Cole Robert Brock
Fangirl: Did you see Colby’s video?
Other fangirl: Yaaaas
by Colby Brock is a snacc February 03, 2018
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Colby's usually use Gus as a nickname.
These boys are one of a kind.
they can be your best friend,
or best boy friend. :)
even if you aren't his girl friend, he will treat you like your the world to him. He is always looking out for his friends.

You always know when a Colby likes you.
They are usually very attractive, with amazing blue eyes.
They can make anyone laugh, and are class clowns
If you want a best friend or an amazing boy friend,
get yourself a colby(:
i wish Colby liked me as much as i liked him. :/
by cheer_chick99 January 03, 2011
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The sweetest, nicest, funniest, most handsome boy you will ever see. Everyone wants to be like a Colby. Colbys have many many friends and are very smart. He is one of a kind. They make great boyfriends.
I wish I could be like that Colby. He is amazing, I love him.
by moneyorange4 October 28, 2011
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