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A Haydon Is a pretty cool dude. He’s really smart and Is good at making friends. He comes off as a bit annoying sometimes but once you get to know him he’s really sweet. Watch out though, if you talk bad about him just be ready because he’ll do the same back. A Haydon is usually a good kid but gets in trouble every now and then. Haydons are very hands on. They can do almost anything you ask. He usually spends most of his free time watching YouTube videos but somehow still has time to do his homework. Haydons are usually very generous, if you need a snack or advice just ask. Usually Haydon is sassy, but he’s really good at it. He’s always trying to get on teachers good side and become a teachers pet. They usually come off as very attractive people. Usually being tall, dark haired, and blue/green eyed. Once you come across a Haydon you should never leave one.
Guy 1: Hey, did you upset Haydon?
Guy 2: Maybe just a little, why?
Guy 1: He’s going around the school talking bad about you!
by George135_123 May 05, 2018
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A Haydon is a one of a kind person. They are tall, dark, and handsome. They come off as a bit of a bad boy, but they're really innocently sweet. They also can make people laugh really easily. Haydons are good with their hands, and are usually very mechanically inclined. Haydons are trustworthy, usually people you can share all your secrets and problems with. Haydons are very loving and affectionate. They usually come across as flirtatious, but are just super nice and caring! Haydons have hearts for people and wants to take away all sufferings. He'll make you fall in love with him in an instant. Don't ever let a Haydon go.
Person 1: oh my gosh! My car needs new breaks.

Person 2: take it to Haydon. He'll fix it!

Girl 1: that Haydon guy is incredible!
Girl 2: I know! He's hot, funny AND sweet. Go for it!
by Lainabelle November 09, 2013
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A man with a massive cock and he likes one girl, he is loyal, handsome, funny and over all good in bed
Haydon is so sexy
by Vibrating mr Ashton September 18, 2018
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A Fucking shit school which is located in Pinner HA5 2LZ. There is almost a few people getting excluded for weed every year. Never go to this school unless you are a Indian or a typical road-man
Jim: I just moved school
Tom:Which school
Jim:Haydon at Pinner HA5 2LZ
Tom:U got into that shit school. Get the fuck out of my house Bitch
by indian man with blue balls February 05, 2019
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