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Sweet dudes are guys who are over the top and don't realize it. Often they belong to frats. You can pick them out because they will be wearing polo shirts, often with popped collars, board shorts, flip-flops, and white baseball caps. They tend to demean women and can become paralized with fear when someone says something they did was "gay". Desperate for attention, they will often perform random acts of athleticism for no obvious reason. Basically, they are the guys from 'Dude, Where's My Car'.
It has become trendy within the sweet dude community to adopt a "punkish" style which can include anything from a Clash t-shirt to a short Mohawk, possibly dyed blue.

Other activities you might see a sweet dude engaged in:
Drinking Bud, Coors, or Miller lt.
Smoking pot
Listening to Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson
Tossing a football
Wearing gold chains
Getting tribal tattoos
Yelling, "Show us your tits!"
Ashton Kutcher is a sweet dude. Most of the guys who played football in highschool are sweet dudes. Almost every guy in Mexico on Spring Break is a sweet dude.
by Don't Panic Direct June 27, 2009
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a guy you'd expect to join a fraternity straight out of high school. a guy who looks like he's from "the real world." sweet dudes also think i look like napoleon dynamite. jocks. female version of sweet dude is BRO-MAMA.
the show was lame. there were too many sweet dudes there.
by ian February 17, 2005
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A guy who knows whats up. Doesn't really care too much about shit, cause whatever bro lets just smoke a bowl and listen to some Dave. Wears flip flops all year. Clark '04 baby.
Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson are like pretty much sweet dudes.
by Chim Richalds April 01, 2006
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He's that one guy in a group of friends or on a team that day after day, night after night comes up with sayings and terms people either have never heard of or thought were extinct. Night in and night out this guy will do things normal people would be ashamed of and boast about them the next day. In a saying the "sweet dude" is 'that guy' in every meaning of the word. Will settle for HJ's and wet the bed. What a dude.
only a sweet dude would list eddie shore and cam neely in the top 10 hockey players of all time.
by chief illiniwick April 06, 2005
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One who has undoubtedly embarrased or disgraced himself through his or her actions.
So I'm looking like one Sweet Dude when my mother walks in on me in the Adult Bookstore
by Lyle Richard June 18, 2004
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