Where people suffer really bad and they sneeze all the time their eyes go puffy itchy and watery and they are just ill
John-“ ow my eyes are really itchy and I can’t stop sneezing
Susan-“maybe you have Hay fever John”
by Tommyboyyy June 27, 2019
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When a girl is attracted to rednecks and their boots and trucks.
Adam: Hey I'm thinking about asking Annie out.

John: Don't bother, she has hay fever.

Adam: Goddamn rednecks.
by Yuhboizne March 26, 2014
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Only being sexually attracted to hicks.
Andrew: "Ally keeps staring at Shay's John deere shirt"
Danielle: "Thats because she has Hay Fever."
Andrew: "Ohhhh."
by lolmtnameisnorma November 6, 2012
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used to express when one is sick of being in bed. "hay" comes from the english expression to "hit the hay," therefore referring to a bed.
Joe: Where's Julie?
Josh: She had to go out. She's been pretty lazy for the past few days and didn't leave her bed.
Joe: Oh, so she had hay fever?
Josh: Yeah
by idk?? January 10, 2014
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when a black man prefers white women. similar to jungle fever or yellow fever.
you see all those white blond girls Andre keeps hooking up with? man, he's got a bad case of hay fever.
by drusopher February 26, 2008
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