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To 'hit the hay' is to go to sleep.
I'm tired, I'm gonna hit the hay.
by Eroticus Prime July 14, 2005
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The process of searching a building for an empty bathroom. A successful bowl search typically relieves the frustration of uncomftorably defecating around others, although in less frequent cases the desire to urinate alone is a factor. Bowl searching can be done anywhere although it is most prevelant on college campuses.
"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

"Sam went to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago. Jeez, what's taking so long?"

"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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When a man jacks off in an abnormally rushed fashion resulting in his hand smacking against his pubic hairs
"I'm going to hit the hay, then go to sleep"
by Seattlesea12 March 21, 2012
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After having drinks at the local Hic Bar, the Cowboy grabbed a local girl to "Hit the Hay" with.
by FORDTUFFF November 05, 2009
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An idiom commonly used referring to going to sleep but has been recently incorporated by druggies to say they are going to be smoking weed in order to avoid suspicion.
Caleb - "Hey d-dude I'm-I'm gonna 'hit the hay'."

Chad - "Uh what?"

Caleb - "H-Hit the hay? Y'know l-like smoking weed?"

Chad - "What? What the fuck? Who the hell says that?"

Caleb - "ah hah hah y-yeah."
by shreksbucket November 18, 2019
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