When someone lives with someone and a girl is still giving up that booty
When Mandy lives with someone and Dee is still giving up that booty Mandy is having cake
by 2 bad ass bitches September 5, 2017
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This is sometimes used among the asexual community expressing that some on the ace spectrum would rather have cake over sex. Choosing to have both have cake and eat it too.
Random person: want to do it
The asexual: nah I'd rather have cake.
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1. when someone owns something but is still seeking more of it to benefit from it, especially from another party

2. when someone such as a corporation wants to take more than it's fair share.
First the record labels shut down Napster aned Grokster. Now t hey want to have their cake and eat it to by proposing a tax to destroy internet radio.
by grizmeister May 17, 2010
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A phrase popularized by Paul Saunders of Loading Ready Run in the video 3 PS3s. It is used after telling someone what you have/have accomplished to add insult to injury. You do not need to produce a cake, only something edible (such as pie, as detailed by Morgan vanHumbeck in Computer Envy)
Person 1: Man, I can't get Recon in Halo!
Person 2: Well, I have Recon Armor. Also, I have this cake.
by K2Fer October 10, 2009
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Eating and then throwing up soap, mostly from urinals.
Mike got dared to have his cake at a Bacholer's Party. He was sick for weeks afterwards.

Having Your Cake is a stupid dare most of the time.
by GabbehGurl July 11, 2010
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Once eaten, you no longer have it. Like having money and spending it all. Also, in marriage, security vs. freedom - if one cheats, they lose their security of keeping their mate.
She's married to Bob but seeing Bill. She can't have her cake and eat it too.
by Viola F. Blanton May 25, 2006
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When someone wants all of the benefits of a relationship without the commitment. Typically used when seeking sexual favors
Billy has been trying to get with Sally for the past few months, but she won’t sleep with him unless they’re in a relationship. She told him, “ you can’t have your cake and eat it too
by Brownedbanana May 7, 2020
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