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software that scares people into installing and buying more software that makes their system more fucked up than it really is.
Criminals are using scareware to try and infiltrate the victims computers now that they have security software installed
by grizmeister April 20, 2010

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A Brand of "scareware" that just appears on a victims computer often with the victim doing nothing to provoke it. It installs a program and states that certain viruses are infecting a victims computer that actually aren't. Eventually causes the system to freeze and crash and cancels out any antivirus software that maybe on the persons PC. It also pesters you into paying up to $50 for them to stop bombarding you with error messages. The software it just fucks up the system if the person purchases it.
With criminals injecting Malware Defense into victims computers, protective software isn't safe anymore.
by grizmeister April 20, 2010

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1. when someone owns something but is still seeking more of it to benefit from it, especially from another party

2. when someone such as a corporation wants to take more than it's fair share.
First the record labels shut down Napster aned Grokster. Now t hey want to have their cake and eat it to by proposing a tax to destroy internet radio.
by grizmeister May 17, 2010

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