Halo 3:
The greatest armor in the game.
Originally created for Bungie, they began passing it out for "good deeds."
Make Frankie laugh, you'll obtain the Reconnaissance Rain Raiment

Warning: The Reconnaissance Raiment comes with a risk
There are no life noobs out there, who will "high-jack" your account for video game armor
Don't advertise yourself, and change your password as often as possible if the armor is obtained

Notice from Bungie Weekly Update 2/22/08:
Keep in mind, that the Recon armor is totally revocable and removable, so steer clear of the jerkstore.
Don't be a jerk, or total ass about your obtained Reconnaissance Raiment, it can be revoked

A F1R3 0UT51D3: Woah, check out that armor!
LivingForToday: That's Frankie, and that's the Recon armor

AFO: Oh, how do you obtain it?
LFT: You don't obtain it, it obtains you
by LivingForToday March 2, 2008
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An armor in Halo 3 that can only be obtained by impressing Bungie, or making Bungie laugh. Most of the time you see people on Xbox Live who have a boner for Recon, even though it does not change gameplay, or increase your rank or skill level. Also, there has been pics of Recon floating around Xbox Live saying: "Send this to 50 friends and get RECON". There is no doubt this is a hoax. If you've impressed Bungie, and got Recon, I congradulate you, just don't think having Recon makes you better than anyone else.
In a game of Team Slayer, I was sent 5 messages within 3 minutes of the match saying "Send this to 50 friends and get Recon Armor".
by Ninox13 August 16, 2008
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