Haunter-Someone who enjoys working for a haunted house and scaring people in the haunted house.
People who work for rocky point haunted house are called haunters
by RockyPointer May 28, 2008
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A haunter is a person who enjoys working in the haunted attractions industry. Most haunters usually enjoy scare acting or working behind the scenes at a haunted attraction. Many haunters come from all sorts of backgrounds but all haunters enjoy the art of scaring willing patrons. There is a whole diverse community based around haunting with some examples being the extreme, immersive, and theme park haunt communities. Haunters have a haunt family, their closest group of friends they share experiences with. Many haunters also have a haunt name, a nickname given by other haunters that you’re stuck with your entire haunting career.
Knott’s Scary Farm is home to many iconic haunters that get paid to scare millions of guests every year.
by Robert The Haunter January 6, 2021
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a ugly pimp wannabe half dane half frenchy
hmm that André is a fskin f00ber haunter
by Grimster November 6, 2003
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Haunter: pedifile, a creep, and a molester
As she walked into the bar there were several haunters eyeballing her in the back of the room
by fathermother September 19, 2012
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Is the feeling of having the flu, strep throat, and laryngitis while feeling completely fatigued with every joint and every muscle aching. You also may feel like you're recovering from hypothermia from spending hours in cold.
I have serious haunters hangover from scarring people for hours a haunted house.
by ONE leg J0HN October 20, 2019
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