to get strung along over a long period of time with the implicit notion that a great partnership will be the reward for showing commitment. then at the moment of the anticipated union, a betrayal in epically cruel fashion takes place. leaving the loyal party feeling devastated while the other runs off with another 'sexier' partner. the betrayer pointing to the logical nature of "the decision", while completely ignoring the abject cruelty of it's delivery.
I was dating a friend once and after we got back from a Caribbean vacation she totally Lebroned me for some guy she worked with. We don't speak anymore.

I once had this great invention and an investor came to look at my product. I never heard from him again, but I was totally Lebroned when a year later I saw that guy on the cover of Forbes with my idea.
by nigel July 29, 2010
To fail spectacularly

To totally check out when the situation calls for action;

To take a backseat in the action.

To perform very badly in clutch situations
Friend 1: Dude, what happened when you went back to that chicks place?

Friend 2: Everything was perfect. It was go-time, and I just Lebronned the whole thing up.
by Mezie June 14, 2011
The act of leaving a losing team to join another losing team. Originated from Lebron James during the 2011 NBA Finals.
How Lebronic of Lebron James to leave Cleveland because they suck, and then join Miami only to flop.
V: To have a sports star leave what he claims is his hometown due to a perceived lack of accomplishment. These failed accomplishments may be championships, MVP awards, or wins against a heated rival. While the above reasons are most often mentioned in leaving, many times it's for nothing but increased pay or notoriety.
Did you see how bad he Lebronned Cleveland last night?
by call911mfc July 10, 2010
To best one of the best basketball players in the world, yet speak as if you have not been educated beyond your high school years.
A Lebronics tweet goes as follows: Dose peepul will pay for kriticizing my deecision to play four da HEET. I am keeping mental notes. Wait...isn't dat da same as thinking????
by C-DOGG72 August 12, 2010
Faking an injuring, faking being hurt faking a foul.
I was dribbling to the hoop and was not touched but fell to the floor. Lebroning earned me a free throw shot.
by migos2 January 14, 2014
1) the state of acting like or being pro basketball player Lebron James. 2)used to describe when someone is making a tough decision and broadcasts it to everyone only to gain attention.
1. I just dunked on this guy today at the park. It was total Lebronism
2. Person 1:He can't decide who he wants to go to the dance with so he's going to ask everyone who should go with and pick the opposite person of what most people think.
Person 2:Dude thats such Lebronism.
by SubwaySandwichMan February 28, 2011