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A guy who looks completely different (sexy) while wearing a hat or cap. When they take it off its a totally different story!
He was cute, until he took his hat off, he's a hatfish!
by Manda Clark May 23, 2014
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A hatfish is a boy or girl who looks very good when wearing a hat, but when people see them without the hat its like they're a completely different uglier person.
I saw the boy from the party the other day, and he was way uglier. I can't believe he hatfished me.
by Kelly1920 October 01, 2018
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A man who is wearing a hat in every picture of his online dating profile and thus hiding the fact he is bald. Only for the unsuspecting woman to find out about said baldness in real life.
‘I went on a date and he was bald’ surely you already knew this prior to the date? No he had a hat on in all his pictures. ‘Oh no he was a hatfish’
by Cassmarie20 May 16, 2019
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A person who is only attractive when they are wearing a hat
"He took his hat off and looked like a completely different person. A total hatfish"
by Meyonce January 22, 2019
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