When a man only looks attractive while wearing a hat
"Dude when I saw John without a hat he looked totally different! He hatfished me!"
by Le diable August 19, 2017
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When someone on a dating site wears a hat in all their pictures to conceal the fact that they are bald.
This guy is wearing either a cowboy hat or a bandana in every picture. I think he is hatfishing me. He said to send a selfie so I texted him a picture of Betty White.
by Nigger In My Bumhole 69420666 January 13, 2019
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Hatfishing is a practice where a man purposely deceives a potential romantic partner by wearing a hat on every date to hide his rapidly receding hairline.
"She went on dozens of dates with Tom before it occurred to her that she had never seen him without his Ducati hat on. Her friends were right - he was hatfishing her."
by Tzensant June 12, 2020
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When a guy (or girl) wears a hat to hide a lack of hair or receding hairline thus upping their perceived attractiveness.
Wow! He went from a 7 to a 4 as soon as he took his hat off. Was he hatfishing? I feel like I’ve been hatfished.
by WiseGuy42 August 19, 2021
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When some looks like they have great hair but once the hat comes off, oh boy! Look at that receding hairline.
Remember that guy with the long hair? He totally hatfished me! There was barely anything on top.
by Deebeezzz February 7, 2022
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