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A super fun and crazy guy who likes to have fun and play with women (you know :) ). He also goes Chaka (a mode of great Hell and chaos) and rips shit up. Not referred as Hatch, because Hatch means vagina, which is the opposite of Hatcher.
"Look out! Hatcher's bout to go Chaka!"

Robert and Carter wish they were as cool as Hatcher!

"Oh Hatcher! I can't handle Chaka!"
by Sexy Lady with huge Knocker November 26, 2011
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a tran who spreads the trans virus, actively or unintentionally. usually someone who is emotionally accessible to cis people who are subconsciously questioning their gender (eggs), and can provide some minimum amount of emotional labor to blow that persons mind and/or offers them their first free hit of HRT.

a person who engages in the sport of hatching eggs, usually by flirting with str8 boys at the bar knowing that 10% of them will wake up tomorrow morning realizing they're not actually cis
zoe is the #1 hatcher this month, the community should buy zir a toaster
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by fish trap July 17, 2018
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to do something incredibly stupid whilst intoxicated
putting an ice pick through each foot.

guy to mate : "dude i hatchered last night"
mate : "what did you do?"
guy : "arrested for base jumping naked after being cut out of a tree"
mate : "dude you massivly hatchered last night"
by tranmn October 03, 2009
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Transgender Women who taunt or expose โ€˜tranny-chasersโ€™ for their exploitive, objectifying and festishizing ways.
My dear boy, I encourage you to be completely upfront and honest with her - Sheโ€™s a Hatcher.
by Sayuri525 May 09, 2018
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