Made it happen, made something real, wished for something and it ended up happening
I always wanted a dog, I manifested it and finally I have a dog now!
Fans love his hair like that, they manifested blonde Minhyun. Blonde Minhyun returned after 4 years.
by igetshitscaredbyslenderbitch February 16, 2020
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A ship's catalog of items and to summon within oneself.
The ship's manifest had 40 rifles, 5,000 rounds of ammo, 100 oranges, 200 gallons of water, and 50 pounds of salted venison. Manifest Destiny was what settlers believed was there right to land ownership in concert with removal of natives from their homeland. Communist Manifesto is by a socialist named Karl Marx.
by Jacobistan February 27, 2019
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slang for fart

(as in a public declaration)
whew, I've been manifesting all day.

I'm working on my manifesto.
by Tungizzle July 28, 2003
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a term used by subliminal users meaning to hope for a desire until it comes true using the law of attraction.
friend: hey, why are you listening to the same video 5 times?

other friend: oh, it's a subliminal im manifesting good grades!
friend: oh that's cool maybe I should do that too.
by Kanguwu December 6, 2020
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When something rotten is revealing itself.
There are bugs that are manifestering in the logs.
by relaxdiego June 7, 2023
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A creative act/activity involving manifestations in a specified time period.
Manifest + Activity = Manifestivity
a group of artists coming together to pen down common thoughts e.g. Scripting, movie making, visual artists, musicians etc.
' A time for Manifestivity'
by Undertone August 31, 2013
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