1> straight forward, frank, honest
2> initial payment or investment
3> Akon' nick name and also its being used by him in many of his hits. A record label which is associated with akon.
"upfront style ready to attack now" by eminem from the song "Smack that"
i hate ppl with upfront nature...
by Machodude April 16, 2009
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The act of taking notes on a a napkin at a business meeting, power lunch, a cafe and/or at school. the act is useful if you need to save an idea for later and don't have paper to write on. (idea first heard on adult swim)
Upfront napkin came in handy for taking notes in algebra II, i got an A on that last test!
by Dragoon464 June 4, 2011
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Visible cash
I will make a deal with you but only if it´s money upfront
by Evillia April 15, 2019
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The most pimpin' skateshop In illinois. Much better than RQ. Located at 4 N. Batavia Ave. NOW GO!!!
Dude i just got this pimp ass deck at Upfront.
by i luv jessie! June 1, 2003
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