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Hassen or Hassén is a guy's name in Arabic. The word Hassen means a person who likes to enhance things. It also means sensitive and handsome.

People named Hassen usually have critical insight and they are smart and always get what they want.
Hassen loves to help people, doesn't fail to perform a duty and doesn't like to be compared with others.
Hassen is a super smart guy.
by Roar10 April 15, 2018
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To hassen someone is to have anal sex with them. Only the male can hassen someone, as it's only considered "hassening" when a penis enters an anus.
Kid 1: Did you hear? Steven and Savannah had anal sex!
Kid 2: Yeah! I heard Savannah got hassened realll good!
by anonymousposterofshit October 12, 2009
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