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Alright, this is the REAL bonafide shit on Mr. Harry S Truman, 33rd president of the United States. Now, if you think about it and study your history you will know that, yes, he was the one who gave the word to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but that was over 50 years ago and unless you have a time machine you cannot do anything about it. Would you also like to know that he did not know about the A-bomb until he was inaugurated and dropped it 10 days later? He was also a president who didn't take shit from anyone; take the incident when General MacArthur was speaking ill of Truman's and the UN's policies when he wasn't allowed to push on into China after the Korean War. So what did Truman do, kiddies? He met with MacArthur on a Pacific Island and went "You're fired." (Please consult your local library for a reliable source of his effects on American politics) He was also a very strong advocate for civil rights and would not tolerate them being denied to anyone. Now if you think about the China issue, that would have disastrous results such as leading into a possible third world war ON TOP OF the current cold war the United States was involved with the then-Soviet Union. So, please, check your sources before you shoot the shit or shoot shit in general.
Harry Truman was also invloved in the Potsdam Agreement
by Santa_Anna July 30, 2004
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Our greatest President! That guy stuck it to those racist SOBS. He integrated the military and in addition pushed for civil rights. Plus he was the one who raised minimum wage, federal education funding, farm subsidies, and Social Security benefits. He tried to repeal Taft-Harley but the GOP Congress stoped him (DAMN!). Harry is probably the only President (other than Washington) who didn't cheat on his wife (not that that makes a President, I'm talking about as a person). He also always took responsibility for himself, and stood up for what he knew was right, even when he nearly lost the Presidential election. Harry Truman created the CIA, and stuck it to that nutjob MacArthur. Yeah, he dropped two A-bombs on Japan, but he didn't enjoy it and mourned their deaths. Plus, the alternative (a mainland invasion of Japan) wwould have been a hell of a lot worse. All in all, Harry Truman was our best President (well, maybe he's tied with FDR), until Barak Obama or John Kerry get elected.
"Give 'em hell Harry!"-unknown speaker at the 1948 DNC convention.
"The Buck stops here!"-Harry Truman's motto.
"Protection by the government!"-His address of the NAACP, he was the first president to do so.
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
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When one has intercourse with an asian female and, when finished, stands up from a high height and proceeds to defecate "drop a bomb" on their partner's chest.
Kenny: "Yo, Joe! I saw you go upstairs with Mitsuko at the party last night. She came back down pretty upset. What happened?"

Joe: "Oh, nothin much man, just dropped a Harry Truman on her from my ceiling fan."
by Blaq Buddha January 16, 2012
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When someone screws up something that he/she pretty much nuked what he/she was doing.
Wow Emma, you really pulled of f a Harry Truman on your history test, because you absolutely nuked it!
by Squidnesia June 02, 2018
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A member of legendary class of presedents also aincluding Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt known amoung itellectuals as the worst presidents in the history of the United States. Harry Truman is singlehandedly responsible for our current foreign policy and the entire mess in the Middle East. Harry Truman was the idiot responsible for bringing us into the United Nations, endangering our sovereignty more than any enemy could, and establishing the CIA, a tool which was used under Truman to overthrow an elected government in Iran, which got the ball rolling for our involvement in the Middle East. Without the CIA that Truman helped create, Al Qaeda wouldn't even exist. Without the UN, Israel wouldn't exist. The Middle East would be stable today and we wouldn't have this ridiculous foreign policy that is destroying our currency. Harry S. Truman is an idiot and anyone who thinks he was even a decent president needs to move to a different country, because he is an embodiment of anti-American.
Harry Truman: Idiot, Moron, Tool, Fool
by errrrriiiiccccccc February 09, 2008
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One of the worst presidents in the history of the United States of America.
Harry Truman helped create the Central Intelligence Agency, got us in the Korean War, helped create and get us in the United Nations, helped create the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and gave us our shitty modern foreign policy. His administration was notoriously corrupt and he was widely hated throughout America. From most historians logic, George W. Bush will most likely be labeled as a "great" president in fifty or whatever years.
by david smith, jr. January 23, 2008
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