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A member of legendary class of presedents also aincluding Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt known amoung itellectuals as the worst presidents in the history of the United States. Harry Truman is singlehandedly responsible for our current foreign policy and the entire mess in the Middle East. Harry Truman was the idiot responsible for bringing us into the United Nations, endangering our sovereignty more than any enemy could, and establishing the CIA, a tool which was used under Truman to overthrow an elected government in Iran, which got the ball rolling for our involvement in the Middle East. Without the CIA that Truman helped create, Al Qaeda wouldn't even exist. Without the UN, Israel wouldn't exist. The Middle East would be stable today and we wouldn't have this ridiculous foreign policy that is destroying our currency. Harry S. Truman is an idiot and anyone who thinks he was even a decent president needs to move to a different country, because he is an embodiment of anti-American.
Harry Truman: Idiot, Moron, Tool, Fool
by errrrriiiiccccccc February 09, 2008

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