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Oral-anal stimulation for the purpose of sexual gratification. Enjoyed by those who have tried it, feared by those who have not. Married couples typically overlook this in their foreplay.
Steve's getting married next week. He better get all the rim jobs he can now!
by Cap July 02, 2004

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Professional or semi-professional attire used to provoke sexual arrousal or attention in the workplace.
Sara's ruffle skirt is rather business provocative.
by Cap July 01, 2004

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The mascot of the junior highschool the Teen Girl Squad attends. Which is, by the way, the only junior high school I know of with a bottomless spirit pit.
Go Growlbacks!
by Cap July 01, 2004

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1. adj. A state in which a multitude of arrows have pierced ones skin, usually shot from the mouth of a balding man with a large bulbus head.

2. v. To pierce ones skin with a multitude of arrows.
1. adj. The Ugly One is arrowed.

2. v. The Ugly One has been arrowed.
by Cap July 01, 2004

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1. n. Professional woman of questionable moral fiber who dresses in business provocative attire. Proficient in distracting male coworkers with innuendo and inappropriate comment.

2. n. That woman at the office holiday party most likely to karaoke "I Will Survive" topless with the mic in one hand, and a whiskey sour in the other.

3. n. The woman who somehow manages to climb the corporate ladder in spite of a lack of trade skills or ability through the administration of fellatio (and/or cunnilingus) to upper management.
Becky the lead partner at the Chigaco office into the restroom at the Halloween party last week. She's quite the conslutant.
by Cap July 01, 2004

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1. n. Individuals who have lost all traces of actually individuality due to a mindless and unerring devotion to another individual or group's ideals and beliefs.

2. n. Those who scarf down any and all disinformation or propaganda that reinforces their mindless and baseless views, and treats such misinformation as fact.

3. n. Those who spread lies and misinformation--knowingly or unknowingly--in order to perpetuate the dogmatic beliefs which were formulated for them.

4. n. Those who cling to their beliefs even in the face of substancial evidence to the contrary.

Origin: Sheep + People = Sheeple
Sheeple: "John Kerry was actually a spy for the Viet-Cong, and that he shot himself to get those purple hearts!"

Other: "Where did you hear that?"

Sheeple: "It's all over the Internet, and I emailed the links to everyone so they would know the truth about John Kerry!"

Other: "Where is the evidence of this?"

Sheeple: "Osama Bin Laden wants Kerry to with the election... Kerry is pro-Al Queda!"

Other: "What?!"

Sheeple: "Kerry wants to make abortions mandidtory the first time you get pregnant, and pay for them with massive tax hikes!"

Other: "Um, you're kidding, right?"

Sheeple: "Master Rove is the light and the dark; the alpha and the omega..."
by Cap July 28, 2004

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1. n. Professional male of exceptional sexual prowess and appetite in the workplace. Marked by Kenneth Cole pinstripe suits, regular consumption of protein shakes during lunch hour, and the ability to "pull shorties" during happy hours. Typically having three or more romantic interludes per standard work week, the Kiefsultant's fingers will usually have a different scent on his fingers each Monday morning.

2. n. The guy at happy hour with the satin shirt and super shiny shoes who gets the hostess's phone number and then instead of calling her shows up three days later to finger bang her in his BMW behind the Bennigans.
Jack actually had sex with his supervisor and the little Croatian woman who vaccuums the floors in the same week! What a Kiefsultant!
by Cap July 01, 2004

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