To take a poop backwards on the toilet, facing the tank. Generally considered a novelty dump and not a viable alternative to common-stance pooping.
Oh man Joey Harley Davidson'd today and left streaks all on the front of the bowl.
by Dump McGee March 07, 2011
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The one that started it all. A rolling work of art. Envied by all who can't afford them. Made of steel, chrome and leather; not of plastic like Japenese kiddy bikes. Many try to imitate Harley but don't even come close. Nothing sexier then women Harley riders in all that leather. When children become men, they leave their plastic toys behind and then become Harley owners.
Leave the plastic toys for kids. Men ride Harley Davidson.
by Luedke June 12, 2006
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one of the best motorcycles ever made
those who dont agree with that more than likley have never
owned or even rode one
i ride my harley davidson daily
by camaromike August 16, 2006
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All American motorcycle company. While the models of the 70's lacked quality, giving them a bad name, the company came under new management in 1981, and quality dramatically improved over the last two decades. Harley's are all about customization.

Instead of directly competing with their high speed Japanese rivals, HD exploits the retro style of the motorcycles to sell them. And if you take into consideration that even though Japanese bikes go approximately 50000000 times faster then a Harley, most roads have speed limits. This means that it doesn't matter a damn thing that your Honda or Yamaha can do 700000 mp/h, since you're only allowed to go 90, a speed no Harley has trouble reaching as well.

One thing that is a valid argument against Harley: the official Harley merchandise is ridiculously overpriced. A couple of hundred dollars for an official SD-card mp3 player? No memory card included? No thanks. However, if you're a millionaire, this shouldn't stop you from buying one of these bikes.

Well known models include the Fat Boy, Road King and V-Rod.
Alas, other Harley Davidson definitions still presume we live in the 70's. We don't. Welcome to the 21st century, where Harley's are good quality motorcycles again.
by Bas September 12, 2005
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An American Made motorcycle that sound much better than crotch rockets do. Who cares if your shitty Honda goes 190 MPH the speed limit is 70. If you think Harleys are unreliable then there is a thing called maintenance... its when you keep your bike in good condition so it runs perfectly. Many companies try to imitate the Harley sound but they all fail and end up with a bike that sounds like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Loud Pipes Save Lives
Friend- I have a piece of shit Japanese rice burner that sounds like a weed eater

Friend 2- Go buy a Harley Davidson!
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The bike that made motorcycles cool. I don't hate crotch rockets, but I definitely hate dumbasses that say Harleys are unreliable and slow. Sure, they put out low quality machines when AMF bought the company, but hey, then don't buy one. I have never been on my Harley and had one of these jackasses talk shit about my bike, because they see I would not mind taking jail time to put them in the hospital. It's called maintainance- you know, working on your bike. It's not just buying a shiny fast rocket and a cool jacket and being a biker. If someone buys the right model and puts any time into it, its easy to make a Harley fast as hell.
dude that thinks he's hard: check out my rocket- it sounds like a weed wacker
dude that is hard: if you don't leave in 3 seconds, i will stab you
by jarhead May 04, 2005
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