Yuppie scum comes in many forms. They tend to be separated from philistines by a greater income, a higher intelligence, higher education, and a greater appreciation of the arts. But any amongst these is not always the case.
But like the philistine, people who are yuppie scum are big time conformists and often times care little for the environment (unless they somehow feel that their momentary gain is significantly worth their efforts.) They are very materialistic, constantly overconsuming that which takes relatively little time to get tossed in the trash. Yuppie Scum buy, or build, a newer, larger house every two or three years or so, with little concern for the effect this has on the land (see McMansion.) They love, and are a driving force behind many of the demolition, renovation and anti "clutter" shows on such channels as TLC, HGTV, and sometimes even the Discovery Channel among others. If an older house exists that they buy, they will either tear it down to build a newer, larger house, or destroy anything that makes it distinctive (or as they see it, "dated".) They will also tear out bushes and trees that have been growing there for decades, generations even, and are still perfectly healthy! Yuppie scum typically care little for historic preservation. In fact, yuppie scum have done great damage by tearing down aeons old buildings in places like Nantucket, and replacing them with Tennis Courts etc. They can do whatever they want, they're rich.
Yuppie scum have a tendency to wear dull, conservative, buisinesslike attire. To see how yuppie scum like to dress, just watch Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear. They often drive large, pretentious, gas guzzling vehicles like Hummers.
Yuppie Scum is a varied and diverse group. They are usually
nouveau riche but can also be bluebloods.
Among them can be found many different groups, among them are:

Middle aged baby boomer men who diorced their 1st wives for a much younger trophy wife (see the Donald)

Soccer Moms (who are often trophy wives themselves) who drive up the price of gasoline with their huge SUVs, and somtimes breed like rabbits

"Homebuilders", real estate or property Developers and others who gain instant gratification and wealth from the rape of the land.

Anyone who lives by "Curb Appeal," "What Not to Wear," "Designed to Sell" and other similar programs.

Anyone on the wealthy side who is upwardly mobile and has only limited concern for those less fortunate or well off than themselves (except when an act somehow selfishly has an advantageous effect on themselves.)
Honda Elements may "fit" into the compact spaces in a parking lot, but they're not exactly compacts. Grr. How many times have I had to squeeze out of the door of my actual compact because an SUV has been parked too close to me by some yuppie scum?

-excerpt from a blog that I found
by Miskatonic Jack 2 October 25, 2006
A yuppie that has taken his/her obsession with wealth and status to a higher level in which even associating with their definition of poor people is considered dirty and degrading.
Guy A: Man, it's great seeing you guys, been years since college! We should get a hold of Geoff, that dude was the shit!

Guy B: That's not going to work.

Guy C: Yeah, Geoff is elitist yuppie scum now, he won't associate with us "poor folk."

Guy A: Poor? I make like $75,000 a year.

Guy B: Exactly.
by Red001 November 2, 2011
A term in which you want stupid fucktard yuppies to Drop Dead.
Person: Faggot! Drop Dead, Yuppie Scum!
Yuppie: I'm wearing Gucci shoes, don't get to close!
by xxxYEAHxxx January 31, 2010