The coolest school in the world, but they block certain videos and websites. The coolest school in the world with the best people that can get around proxies and firewalls.
Mr. Cow goes to Harker and he owns at everything.
Stephani is obsessed with wierd rock bands.
by mister cow May 16, 2006
A beautiful school, but full of spoiled rich kids and genius nerds. Everyone there has a Bentley or at least a Mercedes and Lexus. People take PreCal in 7th grade. Everyone is jealous of the people that go here, cuz everyone is HECKA SMART and RICH! Everyone donates a million dollars a year. You're pretty much required to donate at least $1,000 every year.
That's nothing for them, after all, the tuition is $40,000 a year, right?
Claire: "Gosh, Belle's such a nerd!"
Lucy: "Please, you're just jealous that she goes to Harker."
Claire: "Umm no. I bet she spends like Halloween and stuff doing Calculus."
Lucy: "Acutually, she went to Bill Gate's party."
Claire: O___O
by Adalina February 23, 2010
The Harker School is a Bay Area Independent School offering education from preschool to grade 12. Originally founded in 1893, The Harker School now stands as one of the top private schools in the entire Bay Area. An academically focused school, Harker students hold the title for winning multiple competitions in math, Synopsys science fair, quiz bowl, robotics, business, and speech/debate. A wide range of extracurricular clubs are offered at The Harker School, ranging from programming to cheer leading to business. College acceptances are unbelievable at Harker, with several students attending the top universities in the U.S. Tuition fees range from $17,745 for half-day preschool to $41,432 for the upper school, and a cafeteria with a wide variety of salads, beverages, sandwiches, and dishes is offered in the tuition for grades 6-12. All teachers are qualified extensively in their respective subjects. Excellent education and facilities are offered at Harker School, and along with the great quality of teaching and student life comes a set of brilliant individuals ready to change the world.
I have to pick my children up from The Harker School today; they must be happy after their first day at school.
by Otirkus September 24, 2015
The school with really smart people and a bunch of nerdy asians. Most schools cannot stand Harker because it is such a smart school, so they take it out on the sports teams. When a Harker sport team wins, however, the Harker Eagles prove they are the biggest BAMFs in the world!
Look at Harker. I wish I could go there, but I'm not rich nor smart enough. Let's go kick their football team's ass!
by oqepiwtrhg;adf May 2, 2006
waste matter discharged from the body in a tightly wound coil; especially : waste (as feces) discharged from the alimentary canal.

"I went into the Library and took a "harker" in the main aisle."
by Mike Nicholson June 29, 2006
the nerdiest, most expensive school. no hot guys or girls. not athletic attttt alllllll. nerds who are not invited to parties. spend nights studying alone. the most popular girls and guys date eachother, and maybe some bel boys if they get pitied. harker is the nerdiest school for rich parents who want their kids to have no social life. their dances suck, nobody even yikes.
person 1: harker is so academically strong!
person 2: harker who?
by memeslut101 February 2, 2017
The Harker School is a school full of nerds who have no life. They constantly talk about math and politics. The sports suck and there are no hot people. Half of the school is asian and the other is Indian. They claim to be diverse, but how is a school diverse if it has only two races. Students are mean and beyond smart.
Mom: If you are not getting good grades why am I paying $40,000 for you to attend Harker.
Student: Mom I have A's in all of my classes.
Mom: I don't see any A+'s.
by santaclauseisdabeast February 8, 2017