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The Harker School is a Bay Area Independent School offering education from preschool to grade 12. Originally founded in 1893, The Harker School now stands as one of the top private schools in the entire Bay Area. An academically focused school, Harker students hold the title for winning multiple competitions in math, Synopsys science fair, quiz bowl, robotics, business, and speech/debate. A wide range of extracurricular clubs are offered at The Harker School, ranging from programming to cheer leading to business. College acceptances are unbelievable at Harker, with several students attending the top universities in the U.S. Tuition fees range from $17,745 for half-day preschool to $41,432 for the upper school, and a cafeteria with a wide variety of salads, beverages, sandwiches, and dishes is offered in the tuition for grades 6-12. All teachers are qualified extensively in their respective subjects. Excellent education and facilities are offered at Harker School, and along with the great quality of teaching and student life comes a set of brilliant individuals ready to change the world.
I have to pick my children up from The Harker School today; they must be happy after their first day at school.
by Otirkus September 24, 2015