Typically a popular English last name, Hargrove is also a name to call someone by if any of the following applies;

A: good looking/highly attractive.

B: brave.

or C: or just being an awesome person in general.
"oh did you meet that really hot new guy?" "yeah, he's such a hargrove."
by Stealerofwomen August 18, 2009
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Giant chunk of hair refusing to cooperate with rest of head.
Billy blew the audition because nobody bothered to tell him he was rocking a serious Hargrove.
by Jonathyn May 28, 2014
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typically a white cacausian male that acts like a racist bitch
look at the way he's hanging that noose! what a hargrove!!!
by josh cocky June 27, 2008
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Being so intoxicated that you demand to fight all your friends in one night, only later to regret it and apologize to all of them the next day.
Hey Kelby, don't get Hargrove Drunk tonight!
by Bamby999 July 16, 2018
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A cute, blonde life guard from Hawkins pool. He was good boy who deserved better and we’ll throw hands if you say otherwise.
Homie: who’s your favourite strange things character?
Me: obviously Billy Hargrove
by imissbillyhargrove August 20, 2019
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a hot mess. he used to be a grade a asshole.

that was until season three of stranger things. his character had development.

he’s a hunk.
“billy hargrove has the best character development in season three of stranger things” said every stranger things fan ever.
by gravygirl August 30, 2019
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Billy is one of the hottest guys from stranger thing and was Un rightfully taken from us. Behind his hard, tough shell, billy was a sweet, little boy who never really had a mother figure due to his horrible father. So may your spirit live on billy, your and amazing individual
by strangerthingfan011 August 13, 2019
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