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One who achieves greatness. Also one who is happy.
Nice work, you just pulled a hani.
by John November 29, 2004
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The type of guy that never backs down for what he believes in. He is loved by all and especially remembered for his wild stories. He is tall handsome with eyes that can pierce any girls heart. He is caring and soft, despite how strong and fast he is. He fights for what he loves and what makes him happy, he is the the strongest person you will meet. He will capture your heart with his warmth and charm. His hugs are warm, and long because he likes to savor the feeling. If he is not satisfied, he will go in for 2nds. Hani is an amazing kisser, and can make your body light up in an instant, he is a women pleaser, and when he gets cocky- A women teaser.
Girl-Who is that sexy guy over there?

Panther- Thats my boyfriend, Hani ;)
by meganrawwwr May 24, 2011
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someone who brave to do something new
always take a risk if he or she want something to fulfill he or she wishes
friend : hanis,do you want to do it ?it's very risky girl.
hanis : yes..i dont care..i want to take a risk if anything happen
by ordinary victoria January 02, 2017
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Ahn Hee-yeon, better known by her stage name Hani, is a South Korean idol singer and television personality.
Girl1: have you heard the new sing by Hani.
Girl2: I know its dope
by ecuasemoswa February 17, 2017
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A gyro wrap filled with delicious goodness in the form of sliced, breaded chicken breast, lettuce, Swiss and American cheese, mayo and tomato.

Hanis are best accompanied with chili cheese fries and copious amounts of cigarette smoke. In fact, most hani extremists will only eat a hani with these two crucial side dishes. Also, the hani is best enjoyed if eaten in the early hours of morning, after bar close, served by a waitress of Mediterranean - mainly meaning Greek, Albanian or Yugoslavian - descent.

The dish is indicative of Greek Detroit, and can only be enjoyed at one of the area's many National Coney Islands.

Put bluntly, a hani is the only meal a person should order upon entering a National's; to do otherwise would be a mistake and will often bring a look of disgust from other patrons and ridicule from those in your party.
The Lieutenant once drove three hours round trip just to eat a hani.
by Mangelo July 10, 2008
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Beautiful gila babeyy and lawo namatey
Wow , you're so hanis
by darthvaderr December 26, 2016
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