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Poser snowboard girl. The type who can't ride worth shit but has a million shirts with Aspen logos on the front. Takes trips to the most expensive resorts, and spends her whole day on the bunny hill.
Look at that retarded snow bunny. That's gotta be her 3rd faceplant in the last 30 seconds!
by underdawg November 15, 2006
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Northern Lakes League. A high school athletic league in northwest Ohio (near Toledo). Schools in the NLL include Rossford, Bowling Green, Northview, Southview, Springfield, Maumee, Perrysburg, and Anthony Wayne.
AW dominates the NLL.
by underdawg November 13, 2006
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Collective phrase used by rejects to describe the "popular set."
Reject: There are too many preps and jocks in my gym class.
by underdawg November 12, 2006
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Basically "Don't touch my stuff, punk."

Person A: Dude, awesome iPod!! (reaches for iPod)

Person B: Hey buddy, hands off the merchandise!
by underdawg November 11, 2006
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Person who spends WAAAAYYYY too much time on the computer, as in upwards of 2 hours a day (not counting AIM or iTunes). These people usually have what can be described as an xbox tan. They also have few friends, many of which are likely computer geeks themselves. They also use stupid words originating from typos.
Computer Geek: I pwned u n00b!!!!111
Normal Person: WTF does that mean?
by underdawg November 16, 2006
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CROSS COUNTRY. The best sport of my life. You hafta be sweet to be good at xc, and it takes a hell of a lot of work to get there. And even if you are never good, it's still worth it cause all that running keeps you from getting fat.
"Dude, is that the xc star from A-dubb? Shit, we're screwed."
by underdawg November 15, 2006
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